Thanks Rob !

Thanks Rob !

Robin Dudley added to performer list

Due to illness, Millie Kirkpatrick won’t be appearing at Heditude this year. But as one of our youngest performers steps down, she will be replaced by our oldest performer – Robin Dudley.

Picture - Robin Dudley

73 yrs old Robin is well known on the Essex/Suffolk open mic and folk scenes, having been performing locally for about 3 years. Before that, the veteran singer/songwriter lived in China for 10 years, which is where he wrote most of his material, drawing on experience gained through serving 30 years in the Police force and before that 14 yrs in the RAF.

Robin describes his music as “Kinda rooted in the 1960’s country folky type stuff.” He started playing in groups during the 1960s, and after a a spell away from performing he started playing more widely again after returning from China to Braintree. Robin has published several recordings that can be found on websites such as Soundcloud, Audiomack and Amazingtunes.