The Charities and Causes We Support

We are forming a charitable trust to administer the funds we raise through the festival, and are currently working with the Hedingham ‘Bank or Cash’ partnership. The causes we support or have supported are:

2019 – Help for Harry

Target: £500

Picture - Harry

Harry was diagnosed with Treacher Collin’s syndrome when he was born in November 2014. Treacher Collin’s syndrome effects 1 in 50,000 live births and is a rare genetic disorder that can cause facial deformities and severe breathing difficulties.

As a result of this condition Harry has had a tracheostomy to maintain a stable airway, a gastrostomy called a PEG to feed him his daily nutrition, BAHA hearing aids to enable him to hear and he will need to learn to communicate using British Sign Language as he is not to speak because of the tracheostomy.

Harry has already been through several surgeries and will undergo many more throughout his childhood years and into his teens. He requires medical care 24/7, clinical appointments at various different hospitals, plus medical equipment and supplies to care for his needs.

Despite all that he has been through and all yet to come, Harry is a happy little boy looking forward to starting at St Peter’s School. He is proving to be a very bright, amusing and mischievous little boy. We want what is best for Harry and we wouldn’t be where we are today without your generous donations and kind words of encouragement.

More details can be found on the Help for Harry Go Fund Me page.

2018 – Essex & Hearts Air Ambulance

Donation: £400

The aim of Essex & Hearts Air Ambulance is to save lives, reduce or prevent disability, or suffering from critical illness and injury, by delivering a first class pre-hospital emergency medical service to the people of Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. To do this across rural East Anglia, the organisation runs a small fleet of helicopters, each specially equipped as flying ambulances.

For more information go to

2018 – Hedinghams United Football Club

Donation: : £700

Hedinghams United FC is a self-funded community-based football club offering the opportunity to play football at all ages. The club works closely with local schools and is supported by volunteers and local businesses.

Many thanks to Hedinghams United FC for the use of their grounds for Heditude 2018.

In 2018 we donated £700 to Hedinghams United Football Club to support their work with young people in the villages of Castle and Sible Hedingham.

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