Legal / Site Management / Health & Safety

Licensing Information

The event is licenced by Braintree District Council.
Terms of the licence are available from Braintree District Council or the organisiers.
Please go to the Contact Us page to find the most appropriate contact point for your question.


Site Management / Health & Safety

Noise management policy

During the performance (and during set-up) we will be guided by the Noise_Council_Code_on_Noise_Control_at_Concerts

In addition, we have been provided advice by Braintree District Council – Noise levels advice

Site management policy

Public Safety
All activities to take place in daylight hours.
An incident log book will be accessible to all staff running the event
No drinks will be served in glass bottles

Health & Safety policy
All conditions and policies agreed with Health & Safety department of Braintree District Council.
Safeguarding and child protection policy
To aid the Protection of Children from harm, Under 18’s will be identified by coloured wristbands.
A ‘Challenge 25’ Policy is in place to ensure alcohol is only served to those who can supply evidence that they are over 18 such as driving licence or passport.
There will be no entertainment of an adult nature.

For further information and specific queries, please go to the Contact Us pages to find the most appropriate contact for your question.