Info for Bands

Logistics for Bands and Crew

This page holds information for bands about how to apply to play, and about equipment provided, load-in, load-out, sound-check, performance, etc.

Applying to play

We have already planned bands for several of the slots, but others are still open. If you would like to play at Heditude, please email: and we will get back to you.

Provided gear, set-up and sound-check

We are aiming for a 30-minute turn-around between main-stage acts so we ask you to be ready to set-up before the previous act has finished. There will be time for a short sound-check before you start your act. The first act will be asked to help the sound crew set-up and will, therefore, be expected on site early.

We will provide PA and fold-back, plus microphones and stands. You may, of course, bring your own vocal microphones if you prefer. Please ensure that every piece of equipment you use is clearly marked and identified as yours.

We plan to provide a drum kit and bass amp. Please bring your own, but you can use ours on request. You will need to bring your own guitar amps and instruments. If you have banners or signs that you want to be displayed on stage it will be your responsibility to rig these in the set-up – liase wit the stage manager on the day about where and how..

Please download the attached form, complete it with your Heditude Stage Requirements and send it back to at by 23rd May at the latest.

Stage layout

The plan for the main stage is approx 40 feet (12m) x 8 feet (2.4m). So we’re not talking ‘Glasto-pyramid’ sized, but it will be bigger than your typical pub stage. There will be a cover for the top, back and sides. We plan to have stage doors at either end. The stage will be about 5 feet / 1.6 metres above the ground. The main stage will be fenced off from the audience for safety and security reasons. You will need a backstage pass to access this area.

The acoustic stage will be much smaller and on ground level. It will be in a tent/gazebo, open to the front. Although access to the stage area will be restricted it will not be physically separated from public areas. You are therefore advised to keep instruments and gear with you or arrange for someone to watch over them if you are away from the stage.

Load-in / Load-out

You will be able to access the site from Yeldham Road via a dedicated and marshalled gate. We ask you to arrive at least 60 minutes before you are due to play.

We have very limited parking space for bands and crew. Therefore we would ask you to bring only two cars/vans onto the site and to move them off as soon as possible after you have finished loading your gear back in once you have performed. If you want to watch the rest of the festival acts we will provide supervised parking for you nearby. Friends and additional cars may park in the general car park which is supervised and just a short walk away.

For acoustic stage acts, we would ask that you bring only one car to the site and move it to the main car park as quickly as possible after you perform.

Tickets and passes

We have to allocate passes to each act so that we can monitor over-all numbers on the site (a requirement of our licence). You will be allocated one pass for each band member, plus a free pass for ‘crew’. You can purchase up to 5 tickets in advance through Eventbrite using a discount code we’ve sent you.

Information will be added to on a regular basis so please check during May and check in person if you need further details.

You can find more information about ticketing here, and you can buy tickets at Eventbrite.